1966 Fender Telecaster

This 1966 Fender Telecaster has been subject to some changes, it is no way a 'collectors item' but it is in fact a fantastic work horse and a joy to play!

The original body has been excellently re-finnished and aged by Philippe Dubreuille. 

The pickups are the originals but have been re-wound by us, the bridge is original but has been shaved down on the sides to create a flatter bridge. The volume pot and switch are original but the tone pot has been replaced. 

The desirable Maple Cap neck is original and is one of the nicest wide profile Telecaster necks we have felt in a while, similar to a pre CBS profile. The neck has been re-fretted and the tuners and neck plate are non original however the original neck plate is in the case. 

Lightweight and punchy with fantastic tones. 

Includes original hard shell case. 



This product is currently on hold.

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