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ZVEX Wooly Mammoth

ZVEX Wooly Mammoth

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Tailored for bass yet beloved by guitarists, the ZVEX Wooly Mammoth fuzz preserves sub-frequencies like never before. With an exceptional ability to capture the lowest lows, it incorporates a subtle gate for instrument silencing between notes. The EQ control seamlessly transitions between enhanced bass and pronounced treble, offering versatility in shaping your sound. Whether you're a bassist seeking unparalleled sub-frequency retention or a guitarist exploring new sonic territories, this unit delivers unmatched performance and control.


OUTPUT - Overall output volume for the unit.

EQ - Tilts the spectral responce, turning to the left adds lows and softens the highs, then mids, and finally reduces lows.

PINCH - The harmonic structure can be controled with this knob. It adjusts the pulse width of the waveform.

WOOL - Adjusts the amount of fur around the note.

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