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ZVEX Double Rock

ZVEX Double Rock

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Originally designed for J. Mascis of Dinosaur Jr. after a request for two Box of Rock pedals in one box, the ZVEX Double Rock reinvents your distortion and boost capabilities. Utilizing two stomp switches, it surpasses expectations by offering adjustable sub-frequencies, akin to the ZVEX Distortron. What sets it apart is the versatility to convert each channel into a Super Hard-On (SHO), allowing configurations like cascaded Distortrons, Super Hard-Ons, or a Box of Rock with boost. Whether you desire the punch of two cascaded circuits or the seamless blend of an SHO going into a Box of Rock, this pedal unlocks a realm of distortion & boost possibilities.


DRIVE - Sets the amount of distortion in DistortronTM mode, and sets the amount of boost in SHO mode. It may crackle when turned. This is perfectly normal.

TONE - Adjust for treble content. Start around 2:00 o’clock. This knob only does stuff in DistortronTM mode.

VOLUME - Adjust for output volume level.

DIS / BOOST Switch - Changes the circuit from a DistortronTM to Super Hard-OnTM boost.

SUBS Switch - “2-1-3” lets you choose the full “Box of Rock”sub amount (3) or two different lower levels of subs depending on your amp’s needs. Only works in DistortronTM mode.

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