Strymon Zelzah Phaser


The Strymon Zelzah Multidimensional Phaser brings vintage and modern phase tones to your board with all the cutting-edge appointments and functions the team at Strymon is known for. Effectively two phaser pedals in one unit, the Zelzah features a four-stage and six-stage phaser occupying either side of the pedal. These two sides feature highly adjustable and customizable interfaces and three distinct phasing modes to delve into to get expressive and creative.

The four-stage phaser retains a vintage character while the six-stage breaks new ground with its innovative phasing algorithm. The Zelzah is capable of running these effects parallel or one into the other for players looking to hear phasing interaction unlike any before. No matter where the settings on the Zelzah land, a unique and musical experience is ensured. Each side of the Zelzah is true stereo with full MIDI control capabilities.

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