Strymon Compadre Dual Voice Compressor & Boost

Compression & Boost are often two of the core components that form the basis of any pedalboard. The Strymon Compadre is a compact, dual voice analog compressor & boost pedal that serves as the perfect platform to build your sound around, and pairs excellently with any pickup combination or amplifier. 

The compressor side of the Compadre features two differently voiced circuit options. In 'Studio' mode, the Compadre evokes the sound of those classic vintage studio rack unit compressors, with a transparent and dynamically responsive sound. In 'Squeeze' mode, the output is more similar to that of a vintage guitar pedal compressor, with a more sustain and a heavier compression. The boost side of the Compadre features both clean and dirty options, allowing you to dial in a standard volume boost or soft clipping, saturated boost. The three mode EQ also allows you to boost the highs, mids or the full frequency range of the pedals output. 

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