Origin Effects SlideRig Compact Deluxe MK2 Dual Compressor & Limiter Pedal

The Origin Effects SlideRig Compact Deluxe MK2 Dual Compressor & Limiter pedal allows you to combine both single stage and dual stage compression in the same pedal. The SlideRIG utilises a three way mixer design to blend your dry, single stage and dual stage signals for an incredibly flexible studio style parallel compression tone in guitar pedal form. 

The latest version of the SlideRIG Compact Deluxe features a combined Attack & Release control that allows you to dial in the perfect sweet spot for your sound, whether you need fast attack and slow release at one extreme to a slow attack and fast release at the other. This is studio style parallel compression on steroids. Together with pedal’s high-current, low noise preamp and a revised gain structure that allows greater control over compression levels, the trio of blend controls yield limitless possibilities – transparency, dynamic integrity, squash, sustain and fullness - the Origin Effects SlideRIG Compact Deluxe MK2 gives you more versatility than any other compressor around. 

All Origin Effects guitar and bass pedals are hand built in Buckinghamshire, UK from the highest quality components. No. Tom Guitars are pleased to offer the full range of Origin Effects pedals as the exclusive central London dealer.




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