Origin Effects Cali76-TXL Compressor - Lundahl

The Origin Effects Cali76-TXL Limited Edition Compressor is where it all began for the company, and to celebrate hitting the 10,000 unit milestone with the Cali76 Compact Deluxe a limited edition run of the large format original Cali76 compressor is now available! The Cali76 series is based on an 1960's 1176 style studio grade compressor, offering guitar players a transparent, low noise professional quality compressor outside of a recording studio environment.

The Cali76-TXL captures the dynamic response that has made those original studio units so sought after, slightly tweaking the attack and release response to better suit guitar and bass players. Along with the controls you would expect to find on a compressor pedal, there is high and low gain options, for a cleaner output or subtle harmonic saturation. The Origin Effects Cali76-TXL features an upgraded Lundahl transformer, giving a linear, no core saturation output, making it perfect for preserving the low end frequencies of bass guitar and other studio applications. 

All Origin Effects guitar and bass pedals are hand built in Buckinghamshire, UK from the highest quality components. No. Tom Guitars are pleased to offer the full range of Origin Effects pedals as the exclusive central London dealer.

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