Origin Effects Cali76 Compressor Stacked Edition

The Origin Effects Cali76 Compressor Stacked Edition combines two of the Class A FET circuit circuits found on the Cali76 Compact Deluxe compressor, arranged in series. The Cali76 Compressor Stacked Edition bridges the gape between the Cali76 and SlideRIG, allowing for single and dual stage compressions, with the same studio grade 1176 compressor sound of the rest of their range. 

Designed with ease of use in mind, the Origin Effects Cali76 Compressor Stacked Edition features similar controls to other Cali76 models, with combined Attack & Release controls for each compressor channel, and a Thru control that allows you to set the level you send from the first compressor to the second. Daisy chaining two 1176 style compressors was once the reserve of high end recording studios, but the same sound can now be achieved in pedal form. Whether you use each compressor for its own subtle characteristics, or both of them for a natural, clean overdrive sound, the Origin Effects Cali76 Compressor Stacked Edition puts a world of possibilities at your finger tips. 

All Origin Effects guitar and bass pedals are hand built in Buckinghamshire, UK from the highest quality components. No. Tom Guitars are pleased to offer the full range of Origin Effects pedals as the exclusive central London dealer.



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