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Origin Effects

Origin Effects Cali 76 Compact Bass Compressor

Origin Effects Cali 76 Compact Bass Compressor

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The Origin Effects Cali76 Compact Bass Compressor is studio style compressor pedal specifically tuned for low end. The Cali76 series is based on an 1176 style studio grade FET compressor, offering guitar players a transparent, low noise professional quality compressor in a convenient guitar pedal size.

Like the guitar version of the Cali76, Origin Effects keep the control layout simple and functional. The Cali 76 Compact Bass features controls for Dry & Compressed signal level, Preamp compression level, attenuation ratio and a combined attack and decay control. The High Pass Side Chain Filter control is where bass players will find the pedal really comes in to its own, allowing you to set the high pass to make the compression ratio frequency dependent. This allows you to have a weightier low end tone with more dynamics, while keep the high frequencies tight to avoid any slaps jumping out of the mix. Without doubt, the Origin Effects Cali 76 Compact Bass Compressor is one of the most musical bass guitar compressors on the market. 

All Origin Effects guitar and bass pedals are hand built in Buckinghamshire, UK from the highest quality components. No. Tom Guitars are pleased to offer the full range of Origin Effects pedals as the exclusive central London dealer.



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