Hamstead Soundworks Zenith Compressor, Boost & EQ

The Hamstead Soundworks Zenith is a powerful EQ, Boost, and Compressor delivered in one compact and incredibly flexible package. From subtle tone shaping and compression that is felt and not heard, through to extreme sound sculpting and sustain beyond the natural realm, Zenith’s three circuits cover it all. Digitally controlled switching then allows the 100% analogue EQ and Compression circuits to be accessed independently. 

The designers at Hamstead have gone the extra mile to make the response of Zenith feel as natural as possible, and fine tuned it to get the most usable tones in every position. Boosted high frequencies are present but not harsh; boosted lows remain tight while adding warmth, and the Middle control offers a huge amount of flexibility with its three position ‘Q’ and Frequency switches. The compression circuit has a very fast attack and medium/long release, and is designed to work with any set up and remain very transparent. The feel of the compression can also be dialled in with the Blend control, allowing natural pick attack but also hugely increased sustain. 

A final addition to Zenith was the Circuit Order switch on the rear on the pedal. This allows you to place the EQ either before, after, or in parallel to the Compression circuit. While a common studio practice, this is the first time this feature has been included in a compact guitar pedal.

Zenith Features:

  • +20dB of completely clean and transparent gain
  • Active 3 band EQ voiced to have an amp like and natural feel
  • Switchable mid frequency and Q for powerful tone shaping
  • Incredibly transparent compression circuit with a low noise floor
  • Blend control to dial in the feel of the compression
  • Switchable order of the EQ and Comp circuits plus a Parallel mode
  • Secret Switching to give full control over the EQ and Comp circuits independently
  • All-analogue design with digital control
  • Dimensions: 70w x 130d x 65h mm (inc. hardware)
  • Power Requirement: DC ONLY (centre negative)9V: 280mA or 12V: 200mA or 18V: 160mA
  • Warranty: 5 Year Limited Warranty

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