1954 Fender Telecaster

There are few things as sought after by guitarists of all kinds than an early '50s 'Blackguard' Fender Telecaster. These are the start of the Fender story in terms of solid body electric guitars, and the legacy they have left of popular music speaks for itself. This 1954 Fender Telecaster is an excellent guitar with all the character you want from a '50s Tele, with some changes that make it great value compared to other examples on the market. 

Weighing in at 7.5lbs this highly resonant Tele sounds and feels absolutely fantastic to play, with a Maple neck that has a full feel while still being very comfortable. The Ash body has been refinished at some point in its life, and the lacquer has now nicely aged giving the look of a vintage guitar with years of play wear. The neck has also been refinished and refretted. The headstock has also had a crack repaired, and the A string tuner has been replaced with a later single line Kluson tuning machine, while the other no line Klusons remain in place and full functional.

The electronics are original with the exception of the volume pot. Both pickups appear to be original, although we are of the opinion that the neck pickup could have been rewound and housed in a later pickup cover. The bridge plate is original, though two saddles have been changed along with the adjustment screws. The switch and switch tip are both original, as is the pick guard. 

This guitar also includes a non original hard shell case. 

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