Catalinbread Perseus Sub Octave Fuzz

The Catalinbread Perseus Sub Octave Fuzz has a tone so thundering, it makes all other fuzz pedals pale in comparison. Like the classic tones of pedals like the Blue Box but with far more flexibility, the Catalinbread Perseus packs a lot of options in to a simple control layout. The Perseus allows the player to select a one or two octave drop alongside the fuzz sound, with the octave tracking perfectly wherever you are playing on the neck. The blend control allows you to perfectly dial in the right octave to fuzz ratio, or use the Perseus as a straight forward crushing fuzz without the octave circuit. 

The Cut control is key to tone shaping with the Perseus, allowing you to go all out with the low end frequency, or dial them back to taste while retaining the octave sound. Like the best octave fuzz effects pedals, the Catalinbread Perseus is super reactive to you guitars pickups, volume & tone controls, with plenty of room for experimentation!

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