Catalinbread Giygas Fuzz

The Catalinbread Giygas is the latest in a long line of stellar fuzz effects from the Portland based company, with the Giygas boasting a range of features that are sure to make it the fuzz pedal you never knew you needed. Based around a 3 transistor circuit, the Giygas offers a fierce fuzz sound that is equal parts brutal and articulate, with a smooth sustain and clarity even at its most obnoxious settings. The mids control allows you to perfectly dial in the tone of your fuzz, while the handy inclusion of a blend controls only adds to the versatility of the Giygas. With the blend rolled back, you can use the Giygas as a powerful EQ tone shaper, with the Loud control giving you plenty of clean headroom. 

The addition of the blend control also makes the Giygas a perfect option for bass players, allowing you to roll back the mix to retain the low end in your signal. On top of this, Catalinbread have included an internal EQ switch the re-centres the EQ and Mids controls to 250hZ for optimal low end action. 

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