Birdtown Jaybird Baritone


Expertly handcrafted in London, Birdtown guitars combine a keen eye for classic body shapes, premium tone and authentic vintage finishes with baritone scale length necks, finally giving players the extended tonal range of a baritone guitar with true vintage style. The Birdtown Jaybird is based around a typical Jazzmaster shape, but features a 27" scale baritone neck, constructed from flamed maple with an Indian rosewood fretboard. The alder body is finished in a glossy black and is fitted with a set of Radio Shop ID:Jazzmaster pickups, with a reduced wax potting process that enhances the tonal character of the pickups, from round, full bass to warmth and clarity in the highs. 

Each neck is hand made and shaped to an early '60s Fender 'C' style profile that is comfortable and effortlessly playable, with a nitro lacquer finish on the rear of the neck and on the headstock. The Jaybird features all the hardware you expect on a guitar of this kind, with a traditional Jazzmaster vibrato with Mustang style bridge for enhanced stability and intonation, rhythm and lead circuitry, and the signature Birdtown headstock design. This guitar also includes a hard case. 

All Birdtown guitars come with a 3 year warranty as standard, and are set up by our luthiers at the Vintage Instrument Workshop. 

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