1982 Fender Super Champ

Produced between 1982 & 1986, this original run of Fender Super Champ amps were designed by amp guru Paul Rivera as a versatile and feature heavy compact size tube amp, that retained all the charm of those classic Champ amps with a touch of modern functionality. 

This amp is a first year model and is in great condition, retaining its original instruction manual and foot switch. The Super Champ gives out 18W of tube power, and includes a true tube powered spring reverb tank. Both the volume & treble controls have a push-pull function, allowing for higher gain settings through the volume control, and a middle EQ through the treble knob. This Super Champ covers those classic Fender clean sounds, and also has the ability to achieve a much higher gain tone than you would expect from a Fender amp of this size. Also included is a handy 1/4" jack line out, which makes recording with the Super Champ particularly straight forward. 

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