1982 Fender Dan Smith Gold Stratocaster

Introduced as part of the early '80s 'Collectors Series' from Fender, this 1982 Fender Gold Stratocaster was one of the most striking guitars of the Dan Smith era. This Stratocaster shares many of the characteristics of other Dan Smith models of the period, with a lean towards more vintage specs than the 'Strat' models of the time. The headstock is the smaller Strat shape, and also incorporates a more traditional CBS era headstock logo. There is no bullet truss rod, but instead a more tradition truss rod adjuster at the heel of the neck. The main feature of this instrument is its stunning gold hardware, all of which is made from 22k gold plating.

This guitar is in excellent original condition, with its original gold finish particularly vibrant. All hardware and electronics are original, and the guitar also includes its original case and gold tremolo arm.

This guitar has been given a full service by our luthiers at the Vintage Instrument Workshop, and includes a 3 year warranty. 

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