1973 Martin D-35

Introduced in 1965, the Martin D-35 is one of the companies most iconic dreadnought guitars alongside the D-18 & D-28. This model from 1973 is in beautiful cosmetic condition, featuring a nicely aged Spruce top and the typical D-35 3 piece Indian Rosewood back. Although these models are often exceptional, this particular guitar is one of the more resonant and articulate examples we have had in the store. 

This guitar is in very good condition, with some upkeep over the years ensuring it is still feeling and sounding fantastic. The guitar has benefitted from a neck reset at by our luthier Gerald at the Vintage Instrument Workshop, and as such is playing exceptionally well. It has also previously had a refret, meaning it has plenty of years left in optimal playing condition. The only other work carried out by our luthier was a couple of small top & pick guard  crack repairs. The original pick guard has been replaced, and the end pic has been fitted with a jack socket, although there is no pickup currently fitted to the guitar. The tuners are original as is the bridge, although the bridge has been reseated at some point. This guitar also includes its original blue Martin moulded hard case in very good condition. 

As with all our vintage instruments, this guitar has been given a thorough service by the Vintage Instrument Workshop and is guaranteed for 3 years in line with our vintage instrument warranty.

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