1967 Gibson J-160E

First introduced in 1954 as one of Gibsons first acoustic-electric guitars, the Gibson J-160E became recognised the world over through its association with John Lennon & George Harrison. This 1967 Gibson J-160E is an excellent example of a later '60s J-160E, in equally excellent condition.

Featuring a 3 ply laminate Spruce top, the J-160E is fitted with an uncovered P-90 pickup just above the sound hole, with volume and tone controls fitted to the soundboard. As a ladder braced dreadnought, the tone is unlike that of it's J-45 equivalents at the time, but it certainly has a unique, jangly tonal character, especially when amplified.

This guitar is in very good condition for an instrument of its age, and is internally and externally original. There is some signs of ageing and patina to the finish, but largely the guitar show minimal play wear. There are two small cracks on the back which have been professionally repaired. 

This guitar has been given a full service by our luthiers at the Vintage Instrument Workshop, and includes a 3 year warranty.

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