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1967 Gibson ES-330

1967 Gibson ES-330

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First introduced in 1959, the Gibson ES-330 was initially introduced as a replacement for the ES-225 single cut model manufactured by Gibson from the mid '50s. Though its popularity is often overshadowed by the semi-hollowbody models of the time like the ES-335, Gibson ES-330 guitars are fantastic and often fairly under appreciated, with a sound that is unique among vintage guitars. This 1967 ES-330 is a wonderful example of a later '60s ES-330, constructed from a fully hollow Maple body, Mahogany neck and Rosewood fingerboard.

The lack of a centre block gives this guitar a woody, acoustic resonance that when combined with the original clear bobbin P90 pickups gives a unique tone. The clean sound is warm and rich with plenty of dynamic response, while the growly sound when played driven tube amp gives an unmistakable '60s garage rock tone that is only really found on these guitars. This ES-330 features the original chrome hardware and pickup covers that were introduced in '65, along with a mother of pearl block inlay neck with the longer 19th fret neck join that was available as an option in the late '60s. The neck is comfortable and very playable, and features the 1 9/16" nut width found on Gibson instruments from this period.

The electronics are original and fully functional, with the pots dating to late mid '67. The bridge has been replaced at some point, as have the tuners with the originals retained in the case. At some point, the rear of the neck and front and back of the headstock have been oversprayed, although we can find no evidence of any kind of break, so this was presumably for cosmetic reasons. The knobs are the witch hat style normally seen on Cherry 330's from this period, although we have seen other late '60s sunburst examples with them. This guitar has benefitted from a refret, and includes a period case. 

As with all vintage instruments, this 1967 ES-330 has been given a full service and appraisal by the Vintage Instrument Workshop, and includes a 3 year warranty. 

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