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1966 Fender Electric XII

1966 Fender Electric XII

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Fender introduced the Electric XII in 1965, marking their inaugural foray into the world of 12-string electric guitars. This particular model exemplifies the deliberate design approach taken by Fender, differentiating it from other 12-string guitars of the '60s that were mere adaptations of their 6-string counterparts.

Designed from the ground up by Leo Fender, this 1966 Fender Electric XII showcases several distinctive features that were ahead of its time. Notably, its iconic 'Hockney stick' headstock design has become synonymous with the instrument. The body of the Electric XII is equipped with a set of split coil pickups, reminiscent of those found in the Precision Bass, setting it apart from other single-coil electric guitars produced by the company during that era. Additionally, the alder body boasts an offset style inspired by the Jaguar and Jazzmaster models. The neck sports a comfortable mid '60s profile, adorned with neck binding and dot inlays introduced in late '65 and used until mid '66.

This particular guitar remains in excellent condition, and is internally and externally original. The factory custom colour Candy Apple Red finish shows minor signs of play wear, predominantly to the rear and edges of the body, but is generally and exceptional example of a Fender custom colour finish. The electronics are original and as they should be, with the pots dating to the middle of 1966. All other hardware appears to be original, and the guitar comes with its original orange lined case. 

This guitar has been given a full service & setup by our luthiers at the Vintage Instrument Workshop, and includes a 3 year warranty. 

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