1966 Epiphone FT85 Serenader 12 String

Over the years, Epiphone guitars of the 1960's have developed a folklore of their own. Built in the same factory as their Gibson equivalent models, they share many features with these guitars, although subtle design features and undeniably catchier model names such as 'Cortez' & 'Texan' have give them a cult following of their own outside of their Gibson connection.

This wonderful 1966 Epiphone FT85 Serenader 12 String is a great example of this. With a Spruce top and Mahogany back and sides, this guitar is almost exactly the same as a Gibson B-25-12, with a changed pick guard and headstock shape. These guitars were made at different times with both a trapeze style tailpiece and a pin bridge, although the bridge found on these offers more stability and a more mellow tone. This is without questions on of the nicest 12 string guitars we've had in the shop, with a balanced and open sound that has plenty of volume for a smaller body acoustic. 

This guitar is in good condition for its age and sports the kind of wear and patina you would expect from a vintage acoustic. Also included is a non original hard case. 

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