1965 Goya TS-5 12 String


Goya guitars first appeared in the 1950's, and were introduced by the Levin guitar company of Sweden as their export model for the American market. These original models were primarily nylon strung instruments, although flat top steel string guitars would appear towards the end of the '50s and the start of the '60s. This Goya TS-5 12 string is a good example of one of the more popular and more commonly seen Goya acoustics. Constructed from a Spruce top with flame Maple back and sides, the TS-5 features the Goliath dreadnought body shape found on other Levin and Goya guitars, with a typically powerful, open sound with the kind of clarity and top end sparkle you would want from a 12 string. 

This guitar is in very good, original condition, with only minor signs of play wear and patina to the body. This guitar has been given a full service & setup by our luthiers at the Vintage Instrument Workshop, and includes a 3 year warranty. 

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