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1965 Gibson SG Junior

1965 Gibson SG Junior

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This 1965 Gibson SG Junior is a great players grade example of a mid '60s Gibson guitar, with some changes over the years that make it an affordable vintage option.

The SG Junior followed in the tradition of the Les Paul Junior that went before it, with a versatility that belies its simplicity. Since their introduction in 1954, these no frills, stripped back Junior models have been a go to for players of all different kinds, with a tone and playability that makes them far more versatile than their simple design would have you believe.

This guitar has had a full Polaris White refinish to the body, neck and rear of the headstock, over what appears to have been originally Cherry. The neck is in good condition, and has benefitted from a re-fret that leaves it playing as it should. The profile is a chunky 'C' style shape, and retains the slightly wider 43mm nut width found on Gibson guitars during this period. The original P90 pickup is present and correct, as are the pots, although the wraparound tailpiece is a repro. There is also a repro Maestro vibrato included in the case. This guitar features the original small guard and dog ear pickup combination that would be phased out in 1965. The original basic three on a plate tuners have been replaced with modern equivalents. This guitar also includes a non original case.

This guitar has been given a full service & appraisal by our luthiers at the Vintage Instrument Workshop, and includes a 3 year warranty. 

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