1965 Fender Jaguar

Introduced in 1962, the Jaguar was intended to be Fender's new top of the line model, but with its unique sound, switching options and shorter scale, it would go on to find favour with alternative musicians throughout the following decades.

This 1965 Fender Jaguar is a great example of a mid '60s Jaguar as the Fender company transitions to CBS ownership, although it retains many of the pre CBS specs. For example, the neck still has the unbound, dot inlay style found on pre-CBS era models, unlike the block & bound necks that would follow. The neck dates to August '65 and has benefitted from a refret at some point. The pickups and other electronics are original, with the pots dating to the middle of '65 also (304 6530)

Both the pickguard screws and intonation screws have been replaced at some point, and the tuner post for the A string has been changed, with the original Kluson housing being retained. This guitar has a fair amount of play wear and patina, especially on the back of the neck, but is in very good condition on the whole.

This guitar has all the classic tone of a vintage Jaguar, and retains its original black tolex case. 

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