1966 Fender Deluxe Reverb

Like most Fender models, the Fender Deluxe amp has undergone many circuit revisions and stylistic changes through its lifetime, with each generation having characteristics that have long been cherished by players. However, the most recognisable is without doubt the 'Blackface' Deluxe Reverb, produced between 1963 & 1967, with its 22 watt output, smooth tremolo and surfy spring reverb considered as good as it gets when it comes to vintage amps with maximum versatility. This 1966 Fender Deluxe Reverb is a fantastic example of one such amp, from the last full production year before switching to the Sivlerface design. 

This amp is in excellent cosmetic condition for its age, with only minor tolex wear on the lower corners, and the grill cloth in fantastic condition. Internally, this amp appears to be in extremely good condition, and is mostly original. There are signs that a couple of resistors have been changed, and potentially some solder joints reflowed. There also may have been a new three pin plug fitted. The original blue coupling caps appear as they should be, as do the larger brown Mallory caps. The tube chart has an 'PH' ink stamp, indicating that the amp left the factory in August of 1966. All pots with a readable code date to either the 13th or 16th week of 1966. The amp features its original 12 inch Oxford speaker with the blue Fender labels. Please get in touch for any internal photographs. 

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