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1964 Gibson J-50

1964 Gibson J-50

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A fine period for Gibson acoustics, this 1964 Gibson J-50 flat top is an exceptional example of the model, with and incredibly open andy resonant sound. The J-50 is constructed from Spruce and Mahogany with a set Mahogany neck, and is essentially a J-45 with a natural finish to the top. As with many Gibson acoustic of this period, it has a full bodied and focused sound, and responds beautifully to open chord and fingerstyle playing alike. It also features a belly up rosewood bridge with an adjustable saddle. This is the first year that Gibson return to the Rosewood bridge after previously using a moulded plastic alternative. 

This guitar is in excellent condition, and is original with the exception of a replacement celluloid pickguard and some minor cracks to the top repaired. 

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