1964 Gibson ES-335 Left Handed

Nothing quite compares to the woody semi hollow tone of a '60s Gibson thinline, and this 1964 ES-335 is both a fantastic example and rare as hens teeth. There are no solid numbers for left handed ES-335 models from this period, but it would have been a custom order and it is likely only a handful exist from '64, meaning that for lefty vintage collectors, this is a rare find indeed.

This guitar has had some running repairs over the years, and as such is a great player in great condition. in equally fantastic condition. This guitar features a deep Cherry red finish with evidence of the guitar having been over sprayed at some point in its life. There is also evidence of a headstock split repair at some point on the back of the headstock, which has been over sprayed and repaired exceptionally well. The front of the headstock remains original and untouched, meaning the repair was most likely for a minor split in the wood rather than a full break. The neck has benefitted from a refret, and at some point Grover tuners have been fitted, although the original tulip tip Klusons are now in place and fully functional.

The electronics, pickups and hardware are all original, with a nylon saddle Gibson bridge in place and a set of Patent No. pickups that offer all the woody hollowbody tone you could want from a Gibson of this period. This guitar also includes its original case, and is an excellent opportunity to own a rarer than rare '60s left handed Gibson.

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