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1963 Gibson Les Paul Custom

1963 Gibson Les Paul Custom

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This 1963 Gibson Les Paul Custom is an excellent example of a guitar from an interesting transitional period for Gibson. For 2 years between 1961 & 1963, Gibson manufactured the Les Paul model with a completely redesigned body shape. This thinner, bevelled edge asymmetrical cut away shape would in 1963 become the Gibson SG as Gibson and Les Paul parted ways for a period of time, leaving the guitars manufactured between '61 and '63 to be undeniably recognisable as an SG, but bearing the Les Paul model name.

This 1963 Les Paul Custom in original Polaris White finish is an excellent playing and sounding guitar that has had some changes over the years but retains plenty of vintage mojo. The three period correct gold covered PAF pickups remain in place, with the covers having been removed at some point and the pickups desoldered from the control cavity, perhaps suggesting they have been rewound. The Grover tuners, ABR-1 bridge and sideways vibrato are original, with the vibrato currently having a MojoAxe Vibro Stop fitted, although the original mechanism is retained in the case. The pots are original Centralab brand and date to the middle of 1963. The pickup selector switch and jack have been replaced at some point in the guitars life. 

These Les Paul custom models have been used by countless artists, and these days this model is becoming more and more sought after by players and collectors alike for its classic vintage tone, unique looks, and even more unique back story. 

This guitar is in very good condition with the kind of minor play wear and lacquer checking you would expect to see from a guitar of this age. It has previously had a repair to some damaged sustained around the control cavity, which is highlighted in the pictures. At some point, the majority of the clear lacquer coat has been polished off the guitar, leaving it without the aged yellow look found on other models. The Polaris White acrylic colour coat appears to be original and correct. Some remaining areas of clear coat can be seen on the back of the neck and by the pickup rings, as outlined in the photos. The pickup cavity also shows evidence of some minor routing where the pickup legs sit in the body.

The guitar has been given a full service and appraisal by our luthiers at the Vintage Instrument Workshop, and includes a 3 year warranty. 

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