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1962 Fender Studio Deluxe Lapsteel

1962 Fender Studio Deluxe Lapsteel

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 Before they released the likes of the Telecaster & Stratocaster, the history of Fender began with lapsteel production in the mid '40s. These early models that were first introduced in 1946 are equally as revered as the electric guitars produced by the company, and formed the blueprints of many of the production methods and electronics that would go on to be used on the companies guitars throughout the next decades. This 1962 Fender Studio Deluxe lapsteel is a great example of a later period six string lapsteel. Featuring a traditional blonde finish and single coil pickup, this lapsteel shares the same electronics as the Telecaster of the time, and has a typically bright a versatile Fender sound. 

This lapsteel has been given a full service by our luthiers at the Vintage Instrument Workshop, and includes a 3 year warranty. Also included is the original Fender case and legs. 

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