1961 Gibson Les Paul Custom

This 1961 Gibson Les Paul Custom is a unique vintage instrument, and the result of an interesting time period for Gibson guitars. A 2 year window between 1961 & 1963 saw Gibson manufacture the Les Paul model with a completely redesigned body shape. This thinner, bevelled edge symmetrical cut away shape would in 1963 become the Gibson SG as Gibson and Les Paul parted ways for a period of time, leaving the guitars manufactured between '61 and '63 to be undeniably recognisable as an SG, but bearing the Les Paul model name.

These Les Paul custom models have been used by countless artists, and these days this model is becoming more and more sought after by players and collectors alike for its classic vintage tone, unique looks, and even more unique back story. 

This 1961 Les Paul Custom in original Polaris White finish is an excellent playing and sounding guitar that has had some changes over the years but retains plenty of vintage mojo. The pickups are not the original P.A.F's, but instead a Seymour Duncan equivalent that still has a perfect vintage humbucker sound. The tuners, adjustomatic bridge and pots are original to the instrument, but the Bigsby has been added at a later date, with post holes from the previous tail piece cleary filled and finished over on the guitars top. The guitar has also had a jack socket repair and a refret, but is a fantastic early '60s Gibson with a price point that reflects these changes. 

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