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1961 Fender Jazzmaster

1961 Fender Jazzmaster

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Introduced in 1959, the Jazzmaster was intended to be Fender's new deluxe model as the company entered in to the 1960s, and would go on to be an iconic guitar in both the '60s California scene and later with alternative guitar bands of the '80s. This 1961 Fender Jazzmaster is a fantastic example of a Pre-CBS Jazzmaster, with a slightly lesser Pre-CBS price tag courtesy of a refinish by Clive Brown.

This guitar showcases all of the typical Pre-CBS specifications you would expect of a model from this period. Constructed from a contoured Alder body with a maple neck, this Jazzmaster features the earlier slab rosewood fingerboard, a feature introduced by Fender to coincide with the introduction of the Jazzmaster model in 1958. The body is fitted with the original Jazzmaster overwound single coil pickups that when paired with the lead & rhythm circuitry can cover a wealth of tonal options.

This guitar is in very good condition, and was professionally refinished by Clive Brown in Olympic White at the request previous owner. The finish is aged to suit the period, with some lacquer checking and other very light relic work. The pickup selector switch has been replaced for reliability, although the original is retained in the case. The original 1 MEG pots have also been switched out for mellower sounding 250k equivalents, and again the original pots are retained in the case, with the only readable date code showing 304616. Other electronics and the rhythm switch are original and fully functioning. The original 3 ply celluloid tortoise pickguard is in very good condition, with minimal warping. The original bridge and tremolo arm collet have been replaced with StayTrem equivalent parts, but again the original bridge, tremolo arm and collet are retained in the case. They are fully functional and can be re-fitted at the buyers request. The single line Kluson tuners and knobs are also present and correct. This guitar also includes a period correct export case.  

This guitar has been given a full service & setup, along with a refret, by our luthiers at the Vintage Instrument Workshop, and includes a 3 year warranty. 

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