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1960 Gibson Les Paul Standard

1960 Gibson Les Paul Standard

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Gibson Les Paul Standard Sunburst models produced between 1958 & 1960 are considered by most to be the finest electric solid body guitars ever manufactured, with these guitars being hugely sought after by vintage collectors. This 3 year run showcases Gibson solid body production at its absolute pinnacle, with a craftsmanship, tone and attention to detail that has arguably not been matched before or since. This 1960 Gibson Les Paul Standard "Burst" is a fantastic example of one of the most desirable guitars ever made. 

This 1960 Les Paul Standard is from the 0 7XXX serial number range, and features the slimmer neck profile found on these later 1960 Bursts. Unlike guitars from this serial number range, this example does not have the typical "tomato soup" style finish, and actually features the kind of deeper red to the edge of the burst that you would more associate with a '59 spec Les Paul. The finish remains particularly vibrant, with the Maple top having a beautiful combination of the kind of prominent wood grain associated with a rift sawn plain top, while also having the tight flamed striping that is so associated with these guitars. 

The original P.A.F (Patent Applied For) humucking pickups are present and correct, with all the clarity and sustain you would expect from these famed pickups. This particular guitar has the sort of tonal versatility only found with the best P.A.F's, capable of mellower, bluesy clean tones with plenty of definition across the strings, while pairing this guitar with a cranked Plexi reveals all the bite and pure rock tone you could ever want from a Les Paul. The bridge pickup reads 8.26k and the neck exactly 8k. In the control cavity, both the pickups selector and all other electronics and wiring are original and untampered with. The original Sprague Bumble Bee capacitors are present and correct, and all 4 Centralab pots date to the 36th week of 1959 (134 936). 

This guitar features its original 'no wire' ABR-1 bridge and stop bar tailpiece. All the plastic parts are also correct, including the pick guard, pickup surrounds and metal topped reflector control knobs. The single line Kluson tuners are correct and functioning as they should be, and feature the double ringed tips introduced in 1960. At some point, this guitar has had a vibrato tailpiece fitted. The finish is original and correct, with no overspray to the headstock, neck or body. This guitar also includes its original pink lined Lifton hard case. 

This guitar has been featured in Vic DaPra's Burst Believers Volume 2 & 3, the go to resource for all things Les Paul Standard '58-'60.

This guitar has been given a full service and appraisal by our luthiers at the Vintage Instrument Workshop, and includes a 3 year warranty. We have a full range of internal images available on request, and the guitar will be provided with a full written appraisal and insurance valuation. Please note that we do not offer standard shipping on this guitar, so please enquire to discuss options. 

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