1958 Fender Vibrolux

Originally introduced in 1956, the Fender Vibrolux is one of the most iconic and unique of the narrow panel era of tweed amplifiers. One of the smaller tweed combos, the Vibrolux featured 10 Watts of tube power and a tremolo circuit that is among the best we've heard. This 1958 Fender Vibrolux is a great example of the classic 5E11 circuit revision, with a the typical 12AX7 and 6V6 power tube layout that offers both vintage voiced clean tones and the kind of organic saturation when timed that narrow panel tweed amps have become so known for. The tremolo features the bias type circuit found in amps of this period, featuring a smooth, warbly sound that can be used to create subtle movement or a more pronounced modulation, all the while retaining a distinctly '50s character. 

This model is in very good condition for an amp of its age, and has some changes internally commensurate with keeping a vintage amp running over the years. The 10" Jensen speaker is original and dates to the 49th week of 1957. The Tolex and grill cloth are original and in good condition, with only minimal wear. There is a 'HI' ink stamp indicating the amp left the factory in September of 1958. Much of the amp appears to have been re-capped with either period correct or modern equivalent Astron & Minimite capacitors. The power transformer has been replaced and there is some newer plastic wire for grounds, as well as a three prong plug. Internals are available on request. 

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