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1942 Martin 00-17

1942 Martin 00-17

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The Martin Style 17 guitar was reintroduced to the Martin lineup in 1922, and was the companies first guitar to utilise the steel string design. These wartime all mahogany Martins are fantastic instruments, with a bluesy, rich sound that still retains plenty of clarity, and is far louder and more articulate than their small body size would let on. 

This 1942 Martin 00-17 is a fantastic example of the quality and craftsmanship of Martin guitars from this period. The mid sized '00' body has an open and resonant sound, no doubt one of the benefits of years of playing and ageing to the Mahogany. This guitar features all the typical specifications found on style 17 models from this period, including the original rectangle bridge, tortoiseshell pick guard and open gear tuners. 

This guitar has been expertly serviced by our luthier Gerald at the Vintage Instrument Workshop. The neck of the instrument was reset to improve the neck angle and playability, ensuring it will continue to play as it should for many years to come. There was also a small 6mm hole above the end pin which has been plugged. Otherwise, this guitar is in very good all original condition, and has been given a full set up and service. All work carried out by us is backed up by our 3 year warranty. 

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