1941 Martin 0-15

Martin 15 style instruments have been a constant in the Martin line up since their introduction in 1935, and have become a favourite of players looking for a warmer, bluesy and rootsy sound. The 15 models are still made by Martin to this day, and remain a popular instrument, but nothing compares to the craftsmanship and tone of these pre-war era Martin instruments, which are arguably the pinnacle of acoustic guitar manufacturing.

This 1941 Martin 0-15 is a fantastic example, with the smallest '0' size body making for a comfortable playing experience. Although the smallest body size, this is one of the most open and resonant '0' guitars we have ever played, with a tone in contrast to its small body shape, no doubt one of the benefits of years of use. This guitar has a feature unique to 1941 models, with a beautifully ornate tortoise shell celluloid headstock veneer, and is certainly something that sets it apart from other pre-war Martin instruments. 

This guitar has been expertly serviced by our luthiers at the Vintage Instrument Workshop. The neck of the instrument was reset to improve the neck angle and playability, along with a re-seating of the bridge. This ensures the guitar will continue to play and sound fantastic for another 80 years. There have also been two small cracks repaired at some point where the top and sides meet. This is a common occurrence with style 15 Martins due to their lack of binding, but both have been confirmed as stable by our luthier. All work carried out by us is backed up by our 3 year warranty. This guitar also includes its original case. 

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