1932 National Style 4 Squareneck

National resonators throughout the 20th century have been synonymous with blues  & Hawaiian steel guitar playing, with the pre-war models especially being iconic symbols of Americana and greatly sought after among collectors and players. This 1932 National Style 4 Tricone is an example of one of the most sought after vintage National instruments, and is without doubt in the best condition we have seen one in.

Throughout the '20s & '30s, Tricone models were the most popular speaker orientation you could get from the National catalogue, and they have remained that way with collectors since. The Style 4 was the top of the range model in the National catalogue, and was also the highest priced instrument they sold until the model was discontinued in 1942. Featuring a German Silver body, the Style 4 sets itself apart form other models with the incredibly intricate, hand engraved Chrysanthemum motif that adorns the top, back and sides. The level of detail is really something to behold, and as all engraving was done by hand, each Style 4 will exhibit an element of variation that is unique to the individual instrument. 

The Squareneck design is perfectly suited to lap slide playing, with an Ebony fingerboard and diamond inlay that is only found on these models. The mother of pearl headstock with engraved National logo further adds to the luxury look of these Style 4 guitars. It is easy to hear why the Tricone speaker setup is the most sought after, with a balanced, rich tone that is up there with the best resonators we have heard. 

This 1932 Style 4 is a truly stunning example of Nationals most desirable model from this period, and is in extremely clean condition, with only very minor signs of play wear. The instrument is completely original with the exception of the tailpiece, which has been replaced with a period correct equivalent, although the original tailpiece is included. 

As with all our instruments, this guitar has been given a full service and appraisal by our luthiers at the Vintage Instrument Workshop, and includes a 3 year warranty. The original case is included, which still sports the Atlantic liner stickers on the case from when it was first brought to the UK. 


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