2018 PRS CE24 Reclaimed Wood

Always at the forefront of modern guitar making, this 2018 PRS CE24 'Reclaimed Wood' guitar showcases the companies innovation and unmatched build quality. Manufactured from Brazilian timber reclaimed from old buildings, this CE24 features a Peroba Rosa top wood, Mahogany back and side, and Maple neck with Brauna Preto fretboard. Along with its distinctive grain, Peroba Rose offers a unique sound compared to other tone woods, with punchy yet warm and full tone that works very well with the semi hollow 'F' hole design. Any existing imperfections such a knot holes and nail marks are left as they were when the wood was reclaimed, giving each guitar its own character. 

The body is fitted with a set of hand wound PRS 57/08 pickups, some of the finest PRS pickups available and modelled on '57 style PAF's, with alnico 2 magnets and the wire produced by the same machine used by Gibson in the '50s. These pickups appear to have been changed by the previous owner from the original 85/15's, but offer a far superior tone in our opinion. Other features include a PRS tremolo bridge, low mass locking tuners and 'Old School' bird inlays. 

This guitar is in excellent, all original condition and includes its original PRS soft case. 

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