1967 Fender Coronado

One of the more recognisable guitars from Fender's CBS era, the Fender Coronado was unlike any other Fender guitar manufactured at the time. In an uncharacteristic move for Fender in the '60s, the Coronado's hollowbody design and single coil DeArmond pickups are more similar to something like an ES-330, and offer a sound not found on any other Fender model. 

This 1967 Coronado is in excellent all original condition. The sunburst finished Maple body is in good condition with some minor signs of player. The hardware and electronics are original including the DeArmond pickups, which have an open, airy tone that is very well balanced between the neck and the bridge pickup. The guitar is finished off with block pearloid inlays and the traditional black Coronado headstock. 

This guitar is in very good cosmetic condition, and is only missing its original pick guard. It also includes its original case.

As with all our vintage instruments, this guitar has been given a thorough service by the Vintage Instrument Workshop and is guaranteed for 3 years in line with our vintage instrument warranty. 

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