1966 Ampeg Jet


The Ampeg Jet was one of a number of guitar amplifiers produced by Ampeg in Linden, New Jersey throughout the 1960's, capitalising on the popularity of their renowned bass amplifiers, and offering some alternative to the dominating presence of Fender amps in the USA at the time. This 1966 Ampeg Jet is in good condition and features a replacement Jensen C12R speaker. It features its original 110v power and comes supplied with a step down transformer. The Jet is based around a 15 watt class A circuit with plenty of sparkling clean headroom that can be pushed in to a smooth overdriven sound. The amp also features a built in tremolo, which is smooth, throbby, and typically '60s sounding. 

This amp has been recently serviced with a few caps replaced. The death cap has been removed and a new three pin USA plug fitted. The multi-section can capacitor is a modern JJ replacement and the output transformer is also replaced. The power transformer is original and dates to the 3rd week of 1966

This amplifier has been given a full service by our amp technician at the Vintage Instrument Workshop.

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