1964 Fender Jaguar


Introduced in 1962, the Jaguar was intended to be Fender's new top of the line model, but with its unique sound, switching options and shorter scale, it would go on to find favour with alternative musicians throughout the following decades. This 1964 Fender Jaguar is a great example of a players grade, pre CBS era 'L' serial offset. It has been refinished in an Olympic White style colour at some point in its life, and the neck pickup has been replaced with a grey bottom version from 1973. The neck dates to April '64 and the original nut has been changed. The tone pot is original and dates to early 1964, while the volume pot has been changed and also dates to '73. The jack input has also been changed. 

This guitar has all the classic chimey tone of a vintage Jaguar, and retains its original black tolex case. 

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