1963 Levin LM26 Goliath

Levin guitars are often slightly overlooked in the vintage guitar market, along with many other fantastic value copies of Martin and Gibson acoustics from a similar period. These guitars were well regarded, more affordable instruments that were exported around Europe and imported to the USA under the Goya brand name. Manufactured in Sweden, Levin began making steel string flat tops in the late 1950's, modelling their designs after the popular but relatively difficult to source US made instruments of the time. This 1963 Levin LM26 Goliath is their take on a typical square shoulder dreadnought acoustic, with an X braced Alpine spruce top and lightly flamed Maple back and sides. The LM26 Goliath is also notable for being the acoustic guitar of choice for Pete Townshend during the early part of his career. 

This guitar is in very good condition, with the kind of wear to the finish that you would expect from a vintage instrument of its age. The sunburst finish is original and still very vibrant, while the tuners have been changed at some point. It also appears as if the bridge has been slightly shaved at some point in its life. As with all our instruments, this guitar has been subject to a full service from the Vintage Instrument Workshop and as such benefits from our 3 year warranty.

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