1962 Gibson Les Paul Special

Introduced in 1955, the Gibson Les Paul Special is the epitome of the less is more design approach adopted by Gibson and Fender solid bodies in the mid '50s , with a tone and playability that makes them far more versatile than their simple design would have you believe. This 1962 Gibson Les Paul Special in TV Yellow is a fantastic example of the double cutaway design from the very tail end of the Les Paul Double Cut body shape.

Featuring a slab Mahogany with the rounder edges introduced in 1959, this guitar is in excellent condition with just the right amount of wear and patina to the finish. As is common with these later TV Yellow finished guitar, the yellow has remained much more vibrant as opposed to the more transparent 'wheat' finish of earlier examples.

The original P90 pickups are present and correct, with a beautifully balanced sound with plenty of punch. This Les Paul Special is interesting because it is extremely late for a double cut Les Paul body style model. Although the SG body shape was introduced to Gibson solid body models around the end of 1961, there are other examples with '62 serial numbers out there, but they are very few and far between. The late production date certainly adds a unique element to this 1962 Les Paul Special.

This guitar is all original except for a set of replacement tuners, with the original hardware and electronics being fully functional. This guitar has also had a refret at some point in its life, and has also had a headstock repair and neck heel repair, both of which have been professionally undertaken and are perfectly stable, with the expected finish touch up around the repair areas.

This guitar has benefitted from a service by our luthiers at the Vintage Instrument Workshop, and includes a 3 year warranty. 

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