1960 Harmony Rocket H-54

For a number of years Harmony guitars have represented some of the best value vintage instruments on the market, with a huge range of shapes and styles across both electric and acoustic models, all with a truly unique tone and sense of style when compared to the Fender, Gibson and Martin instruments of the same period. Harmony guitars, much like Kay, Silvertone & other such brands, were manufactured in Chicago and sold through the Sears Roebuck department store and catalog retailer. The Harmony H-54 Rocket was one of the companies more affordable hollowbody guitars at the time, retailing for $117 new. It has gone on to find a level of cult popularity and collectability, with its unique style, tone and build quality setting it apart among affordable vintage guitars. 

This 1960 Harmony H-54 is a great early example of the model. Constructed from a Maple ply hollow body with bolt on Maple neck, the H-54 has a rich, resonant acoustic tone that when paired with the DeArmond gold foil pickups offers a warm and bluesy tone, pairing perfectly with a slightly broken up amplifier. The neck profile is chunky yet comfortable and very playable, and the body features a trapeze tailpiece with floating bridge. This guitar is internally and externally original with the exception of the missing original pickguard. It was purchased new by the previous owner in 1961, and includes pictures of the guitar being played in the early '60s.

This guitar has benefitted from a service by our luthiers at the Vintage Instrument Workshop, including some heat treatment to straighten the neck, and a full set up. This guitar also includes a 3 year warranty. 

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