1956 Supro Valco 'Twin Speaker Supreme'

A mid ‘50’s (Valco Co. of Chicago, USA) made, Supro “Twin Speaker Supreme” model amplifier. This gem is tough to find yet alone in this condition and one of the most sought-after of the tweed Valcos .Particularly with its original twin Rola 6” X 11” oval speakers. Both cones are in excellent condition.

The 12 watt “Supreme” amp tube RCA line up is as follows; 2 X 6V6GT, 1 X6SQ7, 1 X 6SC7, and 1 X 5Y3. Three instrument inputs comprising one treble (hot) input and two regular inputs. One volume and one tone control.

 The amp is in excellent overall condition and has been well cared for over the years. All transformers are original as well. It is fitted with the obligatory replacement power cord to a 3 prong grounded unit plug.

 Sounds utterly fantastic cranked, with a natural, warm tube overdrive through those top quality Rola oval speakers. This also makes a superb harmonica amp as well. That split grille front is just hands-down cool.


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