1920s Gretsch Twenty Five Tenor Banjo

Although much more renowned for their electric hollowbody and solid body guitars of the '50s and '60s, Gretsch started out manufacturing folk instruments and drums in Brooklyn, NY. This 1920's Gretsch Twenty Five Tenor Banjo is a great example of an early Gretsch instrument, with all the charm and character you could want from a pre-war Banjo. 

The Gretsch Twenty Five Tenor Banjo is a fairly stripped back model with a nice, crisp tone, with a 23" scale length and a screw on resonator with no tone ring. The neck is made from two piece maple with a dyed hardwood fingerboard, with the body back being made from Mahogany. The headstock is nicely inlaid with an abalone make and model name. The tuners have been upgraded with modern vintage style tuning machines, and the Banjo head and bridge have both been replaced. This banjo also includes its original case. 

This guitar has been given a full service & appraisal by our luthiers at the Vintage Instrument Workshop, and includes a 3 year warranty. 

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