Monty's Pickups - P90

Beautiful hand wound Monty's Pickups exclusive to No.Tom guitars. 

All pickups advertised as sets, for individual pickup orders or custom wound pickups, please phone or email the store : 0207 240 8900 |

If the pickups are not in stock please expect an up to two week wait for your order to be made. 

Fitting Available for an additional £20

M & J 90s come with braided connector wire and are wax potted. They are available in both soap bar and dog ear styles, with either cream and black covers.

The Monty's J90 pickup was originally designed to be used in the neck position of hollow body guitars. It has the warm thick tones that you would expect from a P90 but with less growl and additional clarity and highs due to its low output. But also works brilliantly in the bridge position of a certain Jr. we all know and love. Giving you an impressive touch responsive bite with full airy mids.

Output - 7.7k

The M90 pickup is Monty's take on that classic sound. Scatter-wound coils and balanced Alnico magnets are used to create a dynamic harmonically rich sound where the lows are tight and punchy, the mids growl away happily, and the highs cut through pushing your amp just over the edge, and backing off with the volume control gives you sweet clear tones. Valve amp plus M90 set equals a very happy chappy.

Neck – 7.9k

Bridge – 8.9k


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