Monty's Pickups - Stratocaster

Beautiful hand wound Monty's Pickups exclusive to No.Tom guitars. 

All pickups advertised as sets, for individual pickup orders or custom wound pickups, please phone or email the store : 0207 240 8900 |

If the pickups are not in stock please expect an up to two week wait for your order to be made. 

Fitting Available for an additional £20

The Full Monty Stratocaster® set is designed to take your Strat®, feed it some wholesome pies and fatten it up; giving you a full tone with plush, tighter mids and bass and smooth highs. They will push your amp earlier, that wee bit harder and for longer. Great for anything from pop to rock. Have them fully open for almost p90 terrain and sustain or roll them back for glistening clean tones.

Scatter-wound coils and flat Alnico V magnets allow all the rich harmonics to sing out.

Sets are calibrated for an even response.

Neck 6.8k

Middle 7.1k

Bridge 7.6k

Monty's Retro Wind Stratocaster® pickup set is our take on vintage Strat tone. Scatter-wound coils and Alnico V magnets gives you the vintage Strat® tones and response from the good old days.

This pickup set is beautifully balanced and musical across all the strings, allowing chords to ring out cohesively without any note overpowering any other.
When playing clean, the highs have a warm chime that blends effortlessly with the mids and lows to allow for tight, woody rhythm sounds, and when driven, the retro wind set retains its warmth and definition with the ability to cut through...without ever becoming 
With the addition of the series wiring modification you can also get some great humbucker tones, adding even more versatility to your guitar.

This set is available with both flat pole pieces or with Monty's custom vintage stagger.

Neck 5.5k

Middle 5.5k

Bridge 5.7k

Monty's Stratocaster® pickup sets come with vintage style push-back cloth wire, mounting screws and springs, and are wax potted by different amounts depending on pickup model. Standard sets come with RWRP middle pickup for hum cancelling in positions 2 and 4. RWRP bridge sets are available for a series blend pot mod giving you more tonal possibilities


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