Fairfield Circuitry Unpleasant Surprise Fuzz

The Fairfield Circuitry Unpleasant Surprise Fuzz turns your playing style upside down, you’ll be thankful for its ability to push you outside the box, outside your comfort zone, all the while retaining the essence of what is played. The artifacts created by this pedal are strange, harsh and unusual but never seem misplaced or out of context.

Controls: Volume, onset, switch Treble (on/off), switch Gain (on/off), switch Compression (on/off).

The VOLUME control is self-explanatory. Unity gain is around noon but who cares. Use it to slam your amp or the next pedals in line. Turn it down if the anguish is overwhelming.

The ONSET control affects interstage gain, which happens to mimic an inverse gate threshold. Turn it up for more saturation, longer sustain. Down for sputtery ad-lib farts.

T Simple output treble cut.

G Affects amplifier bias. Open or Saturated. Allows variations in distortion grain. Note: the difference becomes less noticeable as the ONSET is turned up.

C Feedforward. Crushes your signal to shit. ONSET controls the amount of compression.

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