Radioshop Pickups ID: Chris Buck Signature Strat Set

Following months of careful and considered development, we are extremely proud of our ID:Chris Buck Signature Strat set. Developed and voiced for the superb Chris Buck of ‘Buck and Evans’, this set is the first to feature our unique ‘ID’ (Increased Dynamics) twist on pickup making. Rather than featuring a coil which has been entirely wax potted to protect from microphonic feedback, these pickups have an unpotted inner core of wire. The result? A huge increase in playing dynamics and character of tone whilst still retaining the look and feel of vintage pickups and protection from feedback thanks to the outer layer of wax potted winds. Voiced and wound to Chris’ specifications, the ID:CBs perfectly compliment Chris’ unique and gorgeous ‘pick and fingers’ playing style. This set offers superb balance across all five strat positions and unrivalled sweetness in Chris’ favoured ‘inbetween’ positions whilst also offering a beefy Tele-like growl in position 1 thanks to a boosted bridge pickup output and the addition of our unique ‘Tele-fit’ steel baseplate. A real step forward in our own art of pickup development.

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