JHS Effects Pulp 'N' Peel Handpainted

Compression is the one effect that can make the difference between sounding polished and professional or just normal and part of the crowd.

Most people discover that “studio” quality sound in their rigs for the first time when they add a good quality compressor. JHS's Pulp n Peel compressor is the perfect tool for adding dynamics, flavor and sustain no matter what rig you play.

As you may have guessed from their suave design, JHS based this comp off of a certain vintage design made famous back in the day. Most compressors you see are based off of the Ross/MXR design that yield a very squashed and almost heavy feel. The Pulp n Peel is not. With the PnP you will find that your guitars natural colour and attack stay in place instead of being forced under a hard and un-transparent squash.

Another advantage is its low noise floor and super headroom that allows it to be used as a boost in front of or behind your favourite overdrive/distortion or fuzz. The PnP excels in the fields of blues, jazz, funk and classic rock because of its natural transparency and cooperation with single coils as well as humbuckers. The controls are as simple as it gets with compression, volume and a clean blend knob to dial in your original untouched signal. This is a pedal that you will never want to turn off. Once you have experienced what it does to your rig, you will never be the same.

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